should have brought the camera

Not that they look so appetizing uncooked, but the cabbage rolls prove my point.  We rarely remember to bring the camera with us when we leave the house, so most of our photos are from home base.  My mother in law came over and taught me how to make cabbage rolls.  Then she watched the football game.  It was a really nice Sunday, and the weekend after that was really nice, too, but we forgot the camera.  So there is no visual record of the 75th Anniversary picnic of the Danish Canadian Club (in picturesque Kildonan Park), or photos of the silly games we played.  There was also some kind of crazy fun at the Danish Pub Night, but that had to be seen to be believed.  There is no photo of the very cool yarn shop that my sister in law and I went to the next day; even though we managed to spend almost three hours there.  And we did see the most stereotypical knitters on the planet, but I digress.

We do manage to take photos of olive oil and balsamic vinegar that we’ll be dipping crusts of bread into; because sometimes you never know what’s photo worthy until you go there.  Beauty in simplicity and all that.  Appreciating the ordinary moments; we’ll never stop taking those photos.

Ok, but really, somebody just remind me to grab the camera!

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One Response to should have brought the camera

  1. del says:

    For some reason, I forget my camera a LOT, too. Love the olive oil shot.

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