with all the intensity of a blizzard

We haven’t gotten one of those here yet, thank goodness, just enough snow to make it really look like Christmas.  Lovely mild weather, too; but of course I’m always cold so it doesn’t really matter.  Except that it is absolutely perfect for November. 

This Christmas season has started out with considerably more intensity than usual.  Yes, partly due to my Little Christmas Elf.  We decided to share our enthusiasm for the MCC care kits with the Sunday School and church for our White Gift Sunday.  Each child in the Sunday School would donate one school kit, and as a group we would donate a newborn kit.  (Our Sunday School and Youth is less than a dozen kids, and the kit contents are not extensive.)  We announced our plans to the congregation.  The announcing include a request for sewn kit bags and 4 cloth diapers.  Cash and supplies would be accepted, (of course) but the only caveat was that if supplies were donated, it would have to be an entire kit.


I’ve never before been a part of something that snowballed.  I’ve never been at the start of an idea that everyone got behind in such a big way.  I was hoping for 10 school kits and 1 newborn kit.  Instead, the Sunday School superintendent came up to me with a cheque for $500 and a cheque for $50 and asked me how many more kits would we like to put together.  Then I was informed that there would likely be much, much more coming in, as people only bring in the donations on White Gift Sunday — which is still two weeks away!

Wow.  Just, wow. 

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3 Responses to with all the intensity of a blizzard

  1. del says:

    How wonderful!!!

  2. planetcoops says:

    Wow, That’s fantastic!

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