fear not

I wanted to assure everyone that things have not been boring around here.  Don’t worry.  Just in case you were in the least concerned that there is a current dearth of events, happenings and outings, I am here to let you all know that that has not been the case.  I am not bored.  Repeat.  NOT.

Dec. 1:  The Christmas tree was delivered.

Dec. 2:  The ever-so-slightly-miniature kransekage was iced after I discovered that I forgot to make a couple of the layers.

Dec. 3:  Managed to trip twice at work.  Fell into a Christmas tree both times.  They are surprisingly cushy.  Went to the Danish Christmas dinner only slightly bruised.

Dec. 4:  Went carolling with the girls and the Sunday School.  We were pulled around town on a flat bed trailer with hay bales.  Awesome fun time!  Cold, too!

Dec. 5:  (A.M.)  Spent most of the morning Christmas shopping in my bathrobe.  Came to the realization that for most of the presents, I would have to get dressed and leave the house.  (P.M.) Dog ate the Christmas tree star.  It was not on the tree at the time.

Dec. 6:  That’s tomorrow!

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2 Responses to fear not

  1. Laura says:

    The good news is that the star was paper, so no trip to the vet. The bad news is that it was a 3-D Christmas card from the Danish Post (Julekort 2007) that was completely irreplaceable…so for now we are making do with a small wreath of Danish paper stars; but according to Elena, Christmas cannot happen without a star on the tree!

  2. planetcoops says:

    So your top tip for the week is, if you’re going to trip over, make sure it’s into a fir tree! I think most of our shopping is done now – apart from food. That’s a big relief. You could re-name your dog Sirius now (hope he’s OK).

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