Dec. 9:  Yes!  Although still not well enough to go to school, Elena was on the mend!  The shopping got done, and on budget!  Sonja and I left her in daddy’s tender care for the evening and went to the last Sankta Lucia rehearsal.

Dec. 10:  (A.M.) Worked all day, and discovered that the spirit of Christmas is not alive and well in some folks.  Gave a $10 discount (with my boss’s approval) to a really cranky customer, only to have my motives questioned as she asked me if she looked too poor to pay full price!  (P.M.) Went to my mother-in-law’s for a “family and friends” evening.  All was well until I spilled red wine on her white carpet.  It looked like the scene of a slasher flick.  Although I did get it out with the miracle working powers of Oxyclean, (and thanks to my husband who raced to the nearest grocery store) let’s just say that was the highlight of the evening!

Dec. 11:  Got up very early to assemble the Lucia crown.  Had a great time at church with the Sunday School play rehearsal and the White Gift presentation.  Raced home, ate lunch, ironed Lucia costumes, and arrived at Lucia in plenty of time to tie sashes and affix crowns.  Lovely pageant, and even though Sonja was the Lucia, I did not cry (but was wearing water-proof mascara just in case!)  Raced home (again) to have a quick supper and go to a Christmas choir fundraising concert.  Wonderful, beautiful and amazing.  In that order.

Dec. 12:  Crisis management intervention, errands and the Monday Night Sunday School Concert Rehearsal.  (It’s legendary.)

And I just wanted to mention that Elena remembered to light the third advent candle on Sunday.  My girl.

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2 Responses to whoosh…

  1. planetcoops says:

    Just remember to breathe as well! Red wine and carpets, what a lovely combination. Our new living room carpet, which we bought this year is pale beige, but 100% acrylic and bleachable. I’d recommend that to anyone!

  2. del says:

    **whew** It IS busy over there, isn’t it? Thank goodness the red wine came out!

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