the count down

If indeed it is December 21st today, that would mean that I need to catch up on five days.  And so it goes:

Dec. 16:  Was a Friday.  That surprised me all day at work, because I kept forgetting that the next day was Saturday.  We had Chadd’s office dinner that night.  The food was very good, but my pasta  was wayyyyyy heavy on the garlic.  I love garlic, but that was enough to make me feel self-conscious!

Dec. 17:  Sold more Christmas trees, and delivered some, too.  The best part of delivering Christmas trees is getting to go into other people’s houses.  It was quite the day.  I got home just in time to wave goodbye to Sonja as she went out the door to baby-sit the neighbour.

Dec. 18:  The Sunday School Christmas concert…with no pictures, because our whole family was in the concert.  Elena was magnificent as Holly Berry, the shopkeeper who has no Christmas spirit.  Chadd was Joseph, I was Mary, and Sonja had various roles.  I love watching Elena act, because she just goes ahead with the character she is given, with ease. 

Dec. 19:  (A.M.) A scramble of a morning, with me frantically cleaning the house for Sonja’s party that night.  It looked really good by 1:00, which was when I left to go to Elena’s school concert.  Grade 6 is the oldest grade in the concert, and the music teacher allowed three kids (including Elena) to incorporate a rap into Ode to Joy.  I’ve never heard a rap done in french before, but they’ve got talent!  (P.M.)  My mother-in-law came over after the concert, for tea.  This year, I had cookies and fruitcake, too.  After she left, there was the scramble for groceries for Sonja’s party.  I got home to a house full of teenage girls.  Proceeded to doll myself up for my work Christmas party while Chadd went to the evening school concert with Elena.  (Much later P.M.)  My boss throws the best Christmas party.  Even Aquavit showed up for a few rounds.  Skoal!

Dec. 20:  Spent the day quietly at home; sleeping, popping Advil and knitting.  (P.M.)  Second dose of Advil kicked in just in time…for the JETS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!  Awesome seats, great hockey, and a fabulous night out with my husband!!!!

And that brings me to today, which is supposed to be all about the errands that I didn’t get done yesterday.  Tomorrow is the last day of school.  Sonja still needs to buy her presents for Daddy and Elena.  I need my sister-in-law’s present to show up at the front door by Friday.  My brother’s present isn’t purchased yet. 

Only two more days?!?

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