of practical matters

Storage, storage, storage, storage.

Purging, purging, purging.

I think I’ve got a big job ahead of me in the new year.  I’m going to title it “The Great Pre-Move Clean Out.”  Making the cut list already.  Stay focused.

Every big job has a hardest part, and mine is the emotional attachment.  (Oh, my husband is so laughing at me right now!)

I flatter myself that I am so practical, so utilitarian; in reality a funny mess of things that I just might use yet, or that might have meant something to me once upon a time.

New mantra:  All Things Have Their Time and Place and Use.  Find It. 


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5 Responses to of practical matters

  1. Monica says:

    moving? where are you off? when?

    I can never throw anything away either. I’d love to be one of those super organised people… but it’ll never happen.

    You never know when you might need something, right?

  2. planetcoops says:

    It’s the clearing out I find the hardest. In reality there are only two questions: Do you love it? and Do you use it? but somehow we still end up with houses full of stuff that we keep ‘just in case’. Good luck with getting ready to move!

  3. Francesca says:

    Did I miss something? Are you moving?!
    I have the hardest time getting red of stuff … good luck!
    Happy New Year to you and yours, Laura!

  4. Good luck — moving is always tough, and it is even worse if you have been settled for a long time and accumulated a lot of stuff.

  5. del says:

    What a gorgeous photo!
    Usually, it’s my husband who gets attached to things but I admit to be very sentimental about anything the kids did. Good luck!

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