Warning:  slightly questionable photo coming up below.  I have discovered that it is impossible to take a good or even not gross picture of socks on my kid’s feet; largely due to  the fact that she hasn’t hardly taken them off since I’ve made them.  I do steal them during the night to put them in the washing machine, but it is also a matter of fact that as soon as socks hit the floor around here, they are covered (covered, I do mean totally) in dog hair.  So, in all their well-loved, dog-haired glory, I present “Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern” from Knitting Vintage Socks. 

These were a challenge to knit.  I stayed up very late on a couple of evenings, trying to work out the math to remove a whole shell pattern, and still create a wearable heel.  (This book is wonderful for mods.)  I ended up creating a narrower gusset, and the toe decreases were manufactured while watching Fiddler on the Roof.  The shell pattern on the instep goes from 27 to 31 stitches and back again.  You wouldn’t think this matters, except that the pattern clearly states that row 10 should be completed before starting the toe.  Then it becomes very clear why…but she’s cool with the slightly pointier toe.

And not that I could wash them right now, even if I wanted too; my washer is full of water that won’t spin out or drain.  I’m mildly annoyed, but seeing as how I’ve been known to go days without doing laundry, and the machine was 14 years old…oh well.  It had a big load of socks and underwear in it right when it broke, and I was able to fill the drum to rinse the clothes, but had to wring them out by hand.  So, clean laundry will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon.

More knitting and a happy accident with this yarn…back in November, I saw this skein in the shop, and loved it.  It’s the colour of a spring sunset, I swear; peaches and yellows and pinks and pale greens and rust and purpley-gray and cream.  I couldn’t justify $15 for the ball, because the rule is “No pattern, no purchase.”  I went home, procrastinated for a month, found a pattern, came back and…no yarn.  Sold out.  Small sob.  Fast forward to January, and we were just walking out of the yarn shop (with sock yarn, new needles and a pattern book) when my sister-in-law looks into the discount bin and says, “Isn’t this that yarn that you wanted?”  Hallelujah and half price!  And at this point, buy two!  (FYI: Infinitude Scarf on Ravelry, Araucania Liwen.)

And this finished result is the vintage McCall’s pattern that got conquered.  There is a lot of wonky knitting around the neckline, but it hasn’t fallen apart yet; and she loves it. 

In other domestic bliss, there has been the re-organizing of the kitchen cupboards, candle making, closet sifting and sorting, niecelet minding (which sounds so much better than babysitting) and recipe sorting. 

I discovered a few things, such as:  1) When making beeswax container candles, #3 or #5 wicks must be used, and it’s really hard to find wick clips in this city.  2)  My Grade 12 grad dress still fits.  3)  Sorting recipes by main item works much better when cooking using fresh, seasonal, garden produce.  All the zucchini recipes in one folder, all the tomato in another.  Cross-reference favourite recipes, and keep blank pages to make note when the recipe is in a cookbook.  4)  I really love my favourite recipes.  Sorting them makes me look forward to cooking more.  And it’s really great to cut all those pages out, and finally toss those “magazines that I can’t get rid of because they have all those great recipes in there!”  5)  My just-turned-three-years-old neice is a lot of fun, and I love being able to baby sit her.  I’m also glad that the two days a week is all my brother needed!

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5 Responses to housekeeping

  1. Francesca says:

    Love your knitting – the sweater (and the girl in it) are gorgeous. My mom made me a similar sweater some years ago, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit too well – must have “shrunk” :)

  2. del says:

    Hooray for 1/2 price yarn! That was meant to be. Love all your projects — mine have cat hair instead of dog (the dog is one of those breeds that doesn’t shed — who knew?), so I get it.

  3. planetcoops says:

    Lovely sock pattern, I’ll have to try that one!
    I can imagine the joy of finding the wool you want at half price! My daughter has just shown me a jumper pattern she wants me to knit, so I looked up the yarn: It has been discontinued, but only recently, so it’s still available if you hunt, but I’ve worked out it will cost £90 to knit the jumper. Must hunt for a cheaper yarn!

  4. darciad says:

    I totally understand the dog hair dilemma! It’s a sad fact of life that animal hairs attract! But what would we do without our beasts?
    Lovely knits!

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