and she said

This February has been the busiest on record.  Not sure how that happened, but there it is.  We’re making our way through, because it is all good, just busy.  The discussions are ongoing, but always boils down to the fact that we can’t change (and won’t give up) any of the things that are making us so crazed right now.

The beginning part of this week was all scheduled into the Manitoba Green Show.  It’s an industry trade show for landscapers, garden centres, arborists and local government.  Three fascinating days of workshops about trees, bugs, water, design and business.  It’s so important to connect with others in the industry; teaching and sharing knowledge.  We get to talk to our suppliers and growers, and it’s interesting to get other perspectives from plant product to sales.  I had one of the growers ask me why I liked my job so much.  I didn’t have a good answer.  I love plants, and that’s what I said (duh!) but it’s much more than that.  It’s being knowledgeable and able to give the customer the right information for their situation.  It’s about knowing what colour leaves change in the fall, knowing mature height, and knowing that Discovery Elm is very resistant to Dutch Elm Disease because of it’s genesis from the Japanese Elm.  It’s knowing a little bit and a lot of everything.  And the outcome of the Manitoba Green Show, for me at least, is that I’ll be enrolling in the Master Gardener program to get my certification.  More busy, but I’m pretty sure I’ll love every minute of it.

Things are quiet around here today only because I’m babysitting my neice, and she’s a bit under the weather.  (I’m containing and disinfecting in her wake.)  I wish I could knit but I’m a bit too distracted for that.  As soon as she took her nap, I ran outside to clean up the back yard.  And realized that it was an absolutely, meltingly beautiful day.  Oh well.

We have very special plans for this weekend (where I’ll be wearing my new costume!) and each one of us is looking forward to it in our own way.  It will be busy, but it will be good.  Of course.


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2 Responses to and she said

  1. planetcoops says:

    Busy is good! I love busy.

  2. del says:

    That’s quite an impressive action figure collection you have there.
    Master Gardener, wow. That is awesome.

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