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having disappeared

We have a bit of a strange arrangement, my husband and I. I could neglect housework if I had a blog post to show for it at the end of the day. But somehow, a week has gone by, and … Continue reading

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i am having an outside day

An amazingly beautiful day. Strolling along the bike path. Reminding my niece to stop at the street and look both ways. Finding treasures. Looking up. How can it be that blue?

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doing the switch

I’m trying to make the switch to the (wonderful, brand-new, beautiful!) iPad for all my computer stuff, but it’s currently a work in progress.  The tech-savy daughter found a WordPress app, but it is significantly different from doing it on … Continue reading

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warm and warmer

  Fun facts for Friday, March 16th: Current temperature 10:30 a.m.: 7*C Projected daytime high: 22*C Normal high for March 16th: -3*C Record high in 1981: 12.4*C Record low in 1984: -27.4*C

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it’s an ice and puddle day

I’m seeing kids walking around in t-shirts and shorts today, although the temperature is currently only 2*C. The forecast is for warmer temperatures this afternoon, so I suppose it’s mostly in anticipation.

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jets jets jets jets

For some reason, the Jets only win when they are at home. And they’re winning now. Chadd is in the upper deck for this one; happy to be at the game because it’s pretty hard to get tickets. Home games … Continue reading

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a little and a lot

A little more tired around here with the time change, but every year I wonder if it isn’t just psychological. Yes, it means wake up is one whole hour earlier, but bedtime is, too. And sometimes (like Saturday) when I … Continue reading

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