a little and a lot

A little more tired around here with the time change, but every year I wonder if it isn’t just psychological. Yes, it means wake up is one whole hour earlier, but bedtime is, too. And sometimes (like Saturday) when I just couldn’t sleep that night, well, now we’re talking cumulative hours, so what difference does it make if I get up one hour earlier? Should I just take a nap during the day? I did.

The time for snow seems to be over for this year, but rain (what’s going on right now) isn’t the norm, either.  Rain in March?  The ground is still, uh, frozen…  But if I’m thinking ahead (which I am) this is the summer that the front yard has to be prepped for house-sale, so that when we do go to sell next year, it all comes up ready and pretty. If spring comes early, so be it. More yard time for me.  And maybe, just maybe, tulips before June?

Only four more days (over two more weeks) of neicelet minding. The time with her has been pretty much what I had hoped. Lots of stories and fun, lots of creative play and lots of time with her cousins. She can now remember the girls’ names, and which goes with whom. It’s been pretty interesting re-visiting the “interesting three’s” and all that goes with it; but her grin, well, the grin was just what you call worth it.  (Athough, the soother was in place more often than the grin.) 

It’s always good when the intention with which you agreed to do a task is equal to the outcome.  Which was the way it went with the babysitting, (more or less), but which was not the way it went with this past Saturday.  Because…

I was asked to help out at a wedding reception for seventy people.  My understanding of what I would be doing (the details of which were told to me) led me to make the decision to wear my three inch heels.  The help that was actually required of me (working in the kitchen and washing up for 8 hours) while wearing my three inch heels meant that I couldn’t walk the day after.  I’m still hobbling today, because I can’t seem to flex the toes on my left foot. 

Lesson learned:  if an elderly Danish man enlists your help for any reason, have on hand an extra pair of shoes (preferably runners), a pair of pants, a first aid kit, a hair net ,rubber gloves, a pad of paper and a pen.

Just to be on the safe side.


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One Response to a little and a lot

  1. del says:

    You were good to help out at the reception in the first place. I don’t know if I could’ve done it, especially not in those heels!

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