the dog food incident

Last weekend was great, busy and fun. Funny, too, if you’ve ever wondered what dog food and washing machines have in common…


We had just come back from a day at my dad’s, and I decided to run downstairs for dog food to feed the dog. The dog food is right beside the washing machine, so I had the thought to put a load of wash on. I loaded the washer, turned on the water, and threw in the dog food instead of soap.


When Chadd came downstairs to put away the bike rack, he found me practically head-first into the washing machine digging out wet dog kibble. Ah, well, at least I had thought to stop the washer before it got too full!


I love the few days every year that we spend at my dad’s. He is still on the acreage where we lived when I was growing up, and I think part of my soul is still lodged there. Maybe buried under a rock or tangled in some plum tree roots in the scrub brush, because that would help explain why I love wandering the paths in the bush so much.


The dog and the camera kept me company on my trek, and we left the bush after a while to walk back home along the edge of the field. Elena found us, and we spent a bit of time collecting pine cones. Pine cones are great fire-starters, so we took turns throwing them into the fire that Grandpa had started earlier. At one point, I took charge of the burgers on the fire pit grill. Or, more accurately, ended up with up with the burger flipper in my hand. Fortunately, no one seemed to mind the char broiling that I gave them. (Except for…ahem! One who shall remain nameless!)


We usually pull up a few chairs around the fire, but the wind wasn’t cooperating with us. That, and the frogs were so loud (you wouldn’t think one little ditch could make so much noise!) that we spent the rest of the evening inside, admiring the ice-shredding capability of my dad’s brand new margarita maker.


Which directly contributed (I do believe!) to the dog food/washing machine incident. Do not operate heavy machinery after consuming a piña colada, people! You just don’t know what craziness might ensue!

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2 Responses to the dog food incident

  1. mimi says:

    Thanks for the warning! Now I know when NOT to wash, lol. So sorry, but that was pretty funny.

  2. planetcoops says:

    LOL! Now a margarita maker is one piece of equipment I have just decided I need. And I’ll make sure I only keep washing powder next to the washing machine!

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