bits and pieces


There is always something that needs doing. So much of it sadly mundane, however.

I spent a portion of my morning trying to clean up my inbox. Boring, and sometimes confusing, it’s like a reminder of what I may not have gotten around to yet! My friend had commented to me yesterday, that since joining the ballet committee, she has received a lot of emails. I always wondered how she could be so prompt in her email communication, and now I realize… she wasn’t getting any!

I’m getting emails from three church committees, about five related to all things Scandinavian, and then there’s the kids stuff from school, baseball, friends and family. There’s email from my husband regarding work, fun and house. And then of course, the emails that I signed up for, from other businesses about those “great deals.”

Just recently I realized the iPad doesn’t keep all emails on your screen. I have to reload them or erase others to get back to the ones I received a while ago. Not a bad thing, as it’s encouraging me to deal with things a little faster, before I forget those, too.

The mundane can be lovely and fun, like all that knitting and baking. It can be unexpected, like the other night when I rounded up the kids and we all did the dishes together. (Can it be wonderful and mundane at the same time? It was!). There’s also those mundane errands that get you out of the house with teeth brushed and hopefully matching socks, just in case you run into someone you know. Then there is the mundane of always being busy on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, while trying to remember that I’m out of dish soap so that I can pick some up on the way home.

So where am I now? In the middle of a few knitting projects, and baking pans; and on my way out the door for errands that include bread and mail and the chocolate chips that I didn’t know I was out of.

It is mundane at its best, I think!

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