words for may

So I’ve got to change it back again…composing blog posts on the iPad just doesn’t work.  Autocorrect is a pain in the you-know-what, and the photo thing feels awkward.  Typing feels better on the keyboard, and the WordPress app lost a very wordy post because it doesn’t have a “save draft” option.  So I’m just going to leave the iPad out of the loop for the majority of the time, and either write on this old beastie, or work off Chadd’s, because he has all the photos on his computer anyway. Warning:  another wordy post ahead.  I have to compensate somewhere!

Which brings me to having too much catching up to do, and not enough brain power to do it!  I tend to forget things after they are done (off my plate, out of my head) and during May and June, it’s always much more productive to look forward.  Today is a day off, after 4 straight days on the run.  Madness.  For me, anyway.  But, there was supper on the table every night, and lunches packed in the morning, matching socks and clean underwear.  And tonight will be hot beef sandwiches with gravy.  Like I said, looking forward. 

Because there is baseball now, and supper before the baseball game is always a good idea.  And, this year as last, I am so happy to have almost half of the games across the street from our house.  Especially since there is always a 3/4 hour practice before the 7:00 game, and that just means I don’t have to be in attendance until the game starts.  The dog comes with us to the games across the street.  He really likes baseball games, because with baseball comes Twizzlers and Spitz.  The two favourite sideline snacking foods; as to why the dog loves red licorice and sunflower seeds, well, he’s a four-legged trash can, so no surprise there! 

We’ve started out on a much better footing with the coach this year.  So far, there has been very good communication between the coaches and players and parents, and there seems to be a conscious team effort.  (And Elena made the best pop-fly catch while playing shortstop.  The look on her face was priceless!)

The Monday-Wednesday-Friday evenings have been a mish-mash of errands and stuff, but Chadd and I took a long walk with the dog last night while Elena was at a babysitting class.  The sun sets almost at 9:pm now, so it feels like there is so much more day to accomplish.  It might have been Monday night that I did a partial tidy of the front flower beds, so yesterday I brought home some pansies and planted them right after supper.  (To keep the tulips happy, and perhaps inspire the ones that haven’t bloomed yet.)  And I think it was Monday night that had the power failure, too, which made me very glad that I had made candles back in February(?) and that we keep them in the kitchen.  Funny, however, that my iPad throws more light than 4 candles, so I could keep reading my ibook, since the screen is lit!  (Have I mentioned how much I love that thing?  I downloaded a copy of “Emma” and now I always have a book with me when I don’t want to take my knitting.  Did you know “surprize” was a correct spelling to Jane Austen?)

I have to finish up a quilt today that was supposed to have been done in July.  I don’t even know why I am admitting this, except that the recipient will still love it, and that I am not making quilts anymore, not for a very long time.  (If anything, I might be inspired to take up weaving if I want a blanket.  I just don’t have room for quilts (or a loom, for that matter) in this house right now.)  I will, yes I will, take a picture, because it’s still an awesome quilt for an awesome little guy.

And…that is all…for now.

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3 Responses to words for may

  1. Francesca says:

    Oh, how I would love to have tennis courts across the street!
    We haven’t had any spring weather to speak of yet, and my garden is a sad mess.

  2. planetcoops says:

    Wow, Busy! I would love a Kindle to read books on, but I can’t justify buying one right now. Plus I’d probably drop it in the bath!
    I wish I could get out planting. We’re predicted a -5 frost tomorrow night. I might have to put out a spare duvet over some plants.

    • Laura says:

      We haven’t had a frost prediction in what seems like ages, which is so strange. But it was so good to feel like I was planting!

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