i need to start planning lunches, not just supper

I am thrilled to report that I finally have firm plans for the front yard.  It involves minimal planting of three small shrubs and three coralbells, some lawn edging and some rock.  There will be petunias in the raised bed.  I am thrilled, because it’s finally organized and there is a good chance it will actually look good this year.  I also promise to water the front garden, unlike last year, where I just gave up. 

There are a couple of house finches attempting to make a nest in the front cedar beside the door.  Their song is so loud and so sweet, it’s been unexpected and nice hearing them trill while sitting in the living room.  I really hope that we haven’t scared them off with our yard puttering (and the fact that we use the front door.)

It’s these busy days that have me focusing on what I’d like to be doing (yard), rather than what I should be doing (meal planning) and I wish I had the incentive or more organization…or that I could send them off to forage like the birds!  Bugs and cold worms for supper, anyone? 


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3 Responses to i need to start planning lunches, not just supper

  1. planetcoops says:

    I love the having a plan part! (also dislike the meal planning part)

  2. Zeke says:

    I love your front walkway! Can I ask, are they cement pavers or brick? We are planning some front-yard landscaping this year, too.

    • Laura says:

      It’s precast concrete pavers from Barkman Concrete. My husband did a great job, but I have to do some fine-tuning with more rock and of course, keep up with the weeding!

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