scrambled eggs

Which is what my brain is, lately.  Not so much more than scrambled eggs.

I would honestly have to check the calendar to even begin to remember what we’ve been up to in the past two weeks.  There’s blur, and then there’s blurrrrrrrr, people.  The highlights are many, or maybe it’s just that I get a high from crossing things off my to-do list. 

Kidding.  There was a lovely Mother’s Day, and the back yard got mostly almost 100% planted.  There was the trip to the vet to give her the basset (I got a lovely thank-you card and a photo in the mail the next week!) The front yard new plantings are purchased, but not installed.  The robins were repeatedly discouraged from building their condo corporation in the carport.  Sonja started golf lessons, with a new-to-her set of purple golf clubs.  Elena’s baseball team has won more than a few games, even through the cold, wind and rain of last week.  And then there was that one evening, where Chadd and I split off in different directions, each taking one kid with us to a fun outing.  Sonja went for “dinner and a movie,” while Elena and I saw a high school theatre production of Beauty and the Beast.  I missed a meeting this week, and made krumkake as a peace offering.  Elena cooked lunch today, a Swedish Farmer’s Omelette; and a beautiful, stunning creation of Danish pottery came in the mail for me.

And now, now I have to give Chadd a haircut, so Monday can start with him looking a little less like my own “Beast!”

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