gardening saturday 06/09

It seems like a fantastic idea this season, to post weekly updates of the garden and all it’s growing.  I’m so proud of the vegetable garden and our little space here that it really should be documented.  I know that we have one more summer in this place, but already I’m getting sentimental.  So, the best effort will be put forward to keep track of all the greening, growing and flowering.

I love the predictability of the peony.  I get lovely blooms in the front of the house for only a week, but it always coincides with the end of the school season.  In years past, I would take a big bouquet into the school for the secretaries.  Pink is NOT my favourite colour, but they were my first perennial purchase after moving into this house, and I was assured they would be red.  Oh well.

The iris is blooming along with the peonies, and I admit to having no idea what type of iris this is, or where it came from.  Possibly a transplant from my mother-in-law’s old yard in Niverville.  She gave me clustered bellflower as well, and I have since learned that there is no getting rid of it!  After she moved, she was lamenting that she hadn’t taken some of her perennial garlic with her; a variety that she was unavailable to get anymore.  I was able to come to the rescue…she had inadvertently given some to me in the clump of clustered bellflower!

This sweet rose reminds me of two things…how easy it is to forget what I’ve planted, and how important it is to fertilize.  This was a beautiful surprise this spring.  The Morden Sunrise rose was a special request from Chadd when he saw it in the greenhouse in bloom.  It is a single petal bloom, a peachy orange which changes to a pale yellow as the rose opens.  Unfortunately, the little green worms enjoy it, too!

There are also two red roses that have yet to bloom, but I love my Blanc Double de Coubert.  This year, it exploded into bloom.  The rose weevils found it, but I found them.  One of the great benefits to a love of gardening is that with frequent visits to the plants, lots of pests and problems are caught early.  The fate of the rose weevils?  Well, let’s just say I’m not squeamish when it comes to bugs!

The vegetable garden got planted on Thursday (all day, by me!), and by some incredible stroke of luck, it rained all the next day.  Everything looks happy and ready to grow.  Corn, melon, pickling cucs, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, beans, beets, peas, kale, turnips and parsnips, and long english cucumbers.  It’s been raining on and off since.  A visit tomorrow, hopefully with more sunshine.  It’s going to be exciting, tracking the progress on that, too!

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1 Response to gardening saturday 06/09

  1. planetcoops says:

    How gorgeous! I love peonies, and am determined to have some soon.

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