gardening weekend 06/16 and so much more…

Otherwise known as a very good weekend…

I love taking photos with the zoom lens on.  The only thing I have to have is a very steady hand, and a bit of sunshine.  The week has been mostly overcast with rain and shots of sunshine; this was one of those moments on Saturday. 

The roses are in full bloom, all four of them; the Hope for Humanity was the first rose bush I planted more than 5 years ago in my desire to learn how to “grow roses.”  The June garden is so gratifying, with the spirea, roses, and peonies all blooming at once.  I planted mallow in the raised bed, hopefully it will be quite showy after the peonies are done.

Saturday was Elena’s 12th birthday (yes, 12!), and with all the rainshowers, she got a rainbow for her birthday in addition to all the general awesomeness of friends, mini golf, ice cream cake, and Madagascar 3 with her cousin and sister.  The rainshowers continued today, which was also Father’s Day, and Chadd opened his gifts in the morning sunshine and played Battleship with the girls.  Nostalgic present, because we both played that game as kids.  It was quite the shopping trip, buying the game Battleship; since the release of the movie, the game has been upgraded with lights, sound and game cards, as well as a $50 price tag.  All I wanted was the “old fashioned” one that I remembered, and it still was available, but only in the travel size.  Good by me…I was happy to get it.  Funny how the game companies seem to think that games aren’t fun anymore unless they compete with video games with the sound, light and action factor!  In the afternoon, Chadd and Sonja got a golf game in, with rain during the last few holes.  A nine hole game, and Sonja’s first.  She got a couple good putts, but Chadd figures she had the most fun driving the cart!

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1 Response to gardening weekend 06/16 and so much more…

  1. planetcoops says:

    It’s lovely to get some sunshine!
    Happy birthday to Elena!

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