over for another season


Little Miss “Rocket Arm” Elena is now officially finished with baseball today.  Her team won bronze at Provincials this weekend; which was unexpected but still completely wonderful.  Her position is short stop, and the proud mom in me loves, loves, LOVES watching her baby throw the batter out at first.  Each baseball season is different from the year before, and I can honestly say that this year was the most enjoyable yet. 

Of course, baseball wasn’t the only thing going on; but in the grand scheme of things, it was the one constant that everything else seemed to revolve around.  As in, since we were busy on Tuesday and Thursday, the other days of the week took on a new importance, because they were “free” days in which to schedule the rest of our living.  The answer to the question of, “What’s happening Wednesday?”  was responded to with, “Well, Tuesday is baseball at (blank), so Wednesday is X,Y,Z.”  And since two days of the week were already spoken for, all the other errands managed to get accomplished during the in-between and on the way home from work, and in the evenings. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays became such a “thing,” that during the week when regular season games ended, I completely lost my head and forgot every other thing that had been scheduled into that week.  It was a bit like the sudden freedom made me so lost, any pre-scheduled event ceased to exist.   Even though they were written down and missing them made me feel like a complete idiot, I couldn’t seem to function without the busy. 

However, we managed to keep the garden fertilized, watered and weeded, (and spread with dog hair to keep the bunnies away from the beans!) and take a trip to the strawberry patch for strawberries that were quickly made into jam.  With a little rhubarb that was sent our way, and needed to be used up.  A huge family birthday celebration was managed, in our shady carport, with pulled pork, fresh buns, salads and plenty of beer and wine.

The family celebration was just another example of why it’s so great to play host.  An easy collection of camp chairs and side tables set out in the carport, the cooler filled with ice and cold drinks, and appetizers enjoyed outside with hot food to follow.  Everyone was mostly just relaxed and glad to be there.  The days leading up to the party were so busy that I couldn’t even stress, so the evening came and went and was good.

And as much as I’ve enjoyed keeping track of June, and baseball, I’m more than happy to move into July.  We’ve got plans (as always) for the rest of the summer, and it’ll be a nice break to just go with the flow and see what there is to see.  Maybe spread our wings a little?

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