meet wendy and her sheeples

A couple days before our vacation to Quebec last week, Chadd and I took a short road trip; he for business and me for pleasure. 

The sheep farm is a way, way, way back in the woods of Inwood.  The directions said to follow the hydro lines that ran along the road, because they would end at the farm, and they did.  We found Kim after banging on the door of the house and then some outbuildings, and she took us on a tour of her sheep and pens.  Sheep are loud.  They have unexpectedly explosive bleats, and each sheep actually sounded different than the other, if you paid attention to the “conversation”! 

I’d never been around sheep before; (cows yes, sheep no) and they are warm and cuddly and very curly-rug like.  Also covered in straw, dried muck, bits of dirt, hay and unidentified other.  These sweet animals at the Sheeples farm are very specifically raised for the wool; the farm is a full wool mill operation, which is unique to Manitoba.  I’d been wanting to go for years, but the distance (combined with newbie knitting skills) put me off until Chadd’s business took him in that direction of the province.

And of course I bought wool; lovely sheepy smelling wool, from a lovely sheep named Wendy.  Whom I met, of course, because Kim wouldn’t hear of us travelling all the way to the sheep farm, buying wool, and not meeting the sheep that it came from!  Wendy is a lovely dark chocolate brown with golden highlights, and I went overboard and bought seven skeins (DK weight, so not entirely unreasonable.)  The boyfriends, however, were kept in a separate pen, and although I loved their horns, I was not all that excited about getting acquainted with them!  It was a very nice visit altogether, and for next time, I’m being encouraged to take a convoy of knitters with me; but I think I’m going to have to knit through at least a few of the skeins first!

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  1. Sheep are amazing things. :)

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