A vacation isn’t complete, I suppose, without a pile of bounty to show for it when finally home from the travels.  We really enjoyed the good food in Quebec, and on our trips into the countryside, we enjoyed sampling and purchasing the many local offerings from the many local farms.  Cider, cheese, chocolates, and jelly; pastries, flour, salmon, and apple cider vinegar.  Thank goodness for bubble wrap as we packed our suitcases for home!

A bit of pottery (soap dish) was purchased to compliment the donkey milk soaps that we couldn’t resist.  (Turns out I really like donkey milk soap.  It’s very pleasantly solid.)  The camp mug is a memento of our hiking trip; the wonderfully vertical hiking trail, unlike anything we had ever encountered before.  Yarn, of course, from freshly shorn alpaca at the alpaca farm.  A glass milk bottle from the laiterie, since we ate all the cheese.  Rolled posters of handmade cotton paper from the Papeterie Saint Gilles, where Elena attempted to make her own paper.  I also got a beautiful dress, made in Quebec by a Quebec artisan, printed with a pattern that looks like magnified monarch butterfly wings.  Elena got a small, leather, apple-shaped change purse at the same shop.  Sonja’s find was a Quebec Nordiques sweatshirt.  And then, we all got moccasins!

I am absolutely thrilled with these moccasins!  They are my “house shoes” and I haven’t hardly taken them off my feet since we’ve been home.  My feet used to be constantly cold and I’d always be cracking my feet and toes against corners of walls, chairs, tables and bed legs.  The moccasins are made of moose hide, nicely cozy, and impervious to dog hair, and have saved my toes twice since we’ve been home.  Love!

It’s so nice to have such lovely reminders of a great trip in little spots around the house!

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2 Responses to loot

  1. planetcoops says:

    That looks like a great haul! There’s something so nice about having things you use every day that remind you of your holiday.

  2. Francesca says:

    That is exactly what I come home with from trips: lots of food! The moccasins look very comfy, I had no idea they were a local product of quebec!

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