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Unexpectedly home in the middle of the day with a sick kid. Chewable Gravol saves the day! It’s one of those things that I will always have in the house from now on. Hopefully, we will all make it to … Continue reading

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last stand

The roses are making their last few blooms of the season.  I’m very happy the coneflowers and sedum are still in flower, too.  And today was absolutely beautiful; it would have been a lovely day for a wedding!

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after last week

Good grief, we are still recovering.  We got through Folklorama, but just barely; what an exhausting week.  By Wednesday, I realized that we would have to increase the caffeine and sugar intake if we were going to make it through … Continue reading

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It’s a quiet, cool, rainy sort of morning.  Perfect for soup, or knitting, or baking; and I just might attempt all three.  Waking up at what felt like the crack of dawn this morning (but it wasn’t, not even close, … Continue reading

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good times

Of the many things that I like, camping is right up there on the list.  I love camping.  I love the relaxed, go nowhere, do nothing, basic, basic, basic of camping.  I love getting to the campsite, I love the … Continue reading

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well, that didn’t work

This was not supposed to be supper.  As of this very moment, we were supposed to be setting up the trailer at our camp site, and warming up some canned soup.  We got derailed by a tire with a slow … Continue reading

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