after last week

Good grief, we are still recovering.  We got through Folklorama, but just barely; what an exhausting week.  By Wednesday, I realized that we would have to increase the caffeine and sugar intake if we were going to make it through each night.  Each show started with a polka, and between that and the skipping dance (a total of 15 dances per night!), Chadd and I were starting to slow down.  Of course, he did have that glima wresting match in the middle of each show, as well…

(No, I don’t have pictures.  I wish.)

So, I really thought this next week was going to be a recovery week; a week of tidying the house and school supply shopping and good cooking.  Instead, it’s been a week of running around, working, being talked into painting at the Scandinavian Centre, as well as going out almost every night to one social event or another. 

This was supper last night, before I ran out to the “office” party I was supposed to be at.

I have a list of things that need doing before the end of September; the list is merely to keep my head on straight.  I also have to stuff my September calendar, but I’m procrastinating on that because I’m scared.  I would have made a great ostrich, not a social butterfly!

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