sweet summer

We’re in denial.  Summer is almost over, the leaves are starting to turn, and this last weekend was, well, the last long weekend of summer.  I had my list, as I almost always do, with grand plans for superhuman accomplishments. 

We’re in denial, because it was a perfect summer.  Just the right amount of adventure, camping, socializing, and celebrating.  It was good.  There were a few moments that didn’t get recorded, like the family wedding in our most favourite resort town, and the wonderful week Chadd and I enjoyed while the girls were both at volleyball camp.  We also didn’t photograph the big family birthday party that happened at the end of June.

And no photos were taken this weekend, this perfect last weekend full of shopping, treats, church, brunch, and house chores.  I didn’t have to go shopping (yay!) as Chadd took the girls, but still brought me back treats (tea and soap).  We met the new minister at church (lovely lady) and then had a delicious brunch on the patio at a “new to us” restaurant that is definitely worth a return trip (or two).  I sat across from my sweet young ladies, and marvelled at the fact that they are mine. 

The chores?  Well, I made two batches of apple sauce, one batch of apple juice, washed the dog, did a workout, helped move my mother-in-law’s couches into the basement, washed our bedding, and made a trip to the garden with Elena.  We took all the ripe tomatoes home with us, and I blanched most of them for Chadd to make into sauce the next day.  But the highlight of the weekend?  Cutting down some of the vine that is attached to the side of the house.  This is an amazing vine, and has wound and bound itself to the north and east side of the house.  Creeping into my windows, trying to vine onto the roof, and housing many, many noisy sparrows; part of it had to come down.  Chadd inched the ladder along the side of the house, as I climbed up, chopped, and climbed down.  The effort, which was at times nerve-wracking, was a proud moment for me.  I used to be unable to get past the second rung on a ladder (due to an awful fear of heights!) and there I was, clipping away at the vine while looking in my second storey window.  It sounds silly to say it, but “YAY ME!  I can climb a ladder!”

It wasn’t all chores and running around, this weekend.  There was lots of couch sitting and knitting, too.  That red sweater that I’ve been working on for ages is at the stage where I can start the yoke as soon as I join the raglan sleeves to the body.  I’d sound like a bit of an idiot if I started talking about the psychology of knitting, but truth told, this sweater has had me nervous from the get-go.  I decided to make the size that “just” fit, because my sweaters always end up strangely large (and now I’m worried that it’s going to be too short.)  I used a yarn substitution, so I am still not sure if I’m going to run out of yarn before I’m done, and to compound that problem, one of the three balls of yarn was definitely lighter than the other two.  But it’s hand dyed…so what are you going to do?  When Elena vacuumed part of it and scissors had to be used to extracate it, I thought the worst, but that fix was made with only a few heart palpitations!  I guess the “dragging my heels” bit also comes from the fact that I’ve wanted to make this sweater forever.  It was one that I saw in a magazine when I first started knitting, and the idea that I could finally make that sweater, well, it says a lot to me about how far I’ve come with those knitting skills, but I’d better not screw it up, (also considering that the yarn was a pretty expensive birthday present!)

And?  A semblance of normal resumes tomorrow, with one kid going back to school, and the other needing school supplies purchased, uhmmm, today.


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