doing today


There are bananas on the countertop, thawing for banana bread. Lunches have been made and the kids are off to school. My cold is hopefully on the way out (and the foggy head with it), but Elena has just come down with one, so the tissues, fish oil, and lemon tea will still be on stand-by. As will the chewable Advil, to keep the sinus headaches at bay.

My puppy ran off with another woman today. He trotted after the vet without so much as a backward glance at me, and I suppose I should be proud to have such a well behaved dog, but in reality, he followed her because he was just so sure that there will be more of those fab liver treats behind door number one. And there will be, and I get to pick him up this afternoon after his throat scope, and I bet you then he will be happy to see me. I’m very hopeful that they will have the answer to that awful huffy cough that he’s had for almost a month. (The antibiotics didn’t work). And I won’t even tell you how out of sorts I am over the whole thing (as I try not to drip all over the keyboard).

That out of sorts has translated into an incredible distraction, and I think I’ll just have to keep busy with brainless stuff today. Thank goodness for bathrooms that need cleaning and a good, hot pot of tea. And maybe, just maybe I’ll have enough brain power to cast on a couple of socks. Then I’d feel just a little better!

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2 Responses to doing today

  1. Monica says:

    oh dear, poor dog. I hope he gets better soon!

    (and your daughter… :)…..)

  2. Olallieberry says:

    Sounds like the dreaded cold and flu season has hit your house hard too. Yuck. Hoping you and your family feel better soon, and fingers crossed for good news on your dearest doggy too. Thank goodness for distractions.
    Janine xox

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