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That’s all it’s been about lately…every spare moment has been taken up with house discussions and house plannings. Or so it seems. Discussions about bathrooms, lighting, flooring, and all that good stuff. Having our little brainwaves along the way. Using … Continue reading

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local fun (aka the Turkey Shoot)

I would like to preface this post by saying how much I love shooting a gun. Just to get that out of the way, because the Turkey Shoot fundraiser that our church hosted at a local farm was just great. … Continue reading

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just as soon as done

No such thing as sock models in this house…this “photo shoot” was taken in the dim light of late-night, as soon as the socks left the needles, because they have been in use ever since.  I had to insist on a photo, … Continue reading

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corner view ~ jewelry

My bundle of rings. On my left hand, stacked on my ring finger. The two plain bands are, of course, my wedding rings; but the leaf one, well, it’s a relative newcomer. Sitting, as it does, sandwiched in between the … Continue reading

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There are a few things on my to-do list that are over due, but I crossed through three today. The other three tasks I have set myself today include bathroom, backyard, and knitting at least one more of those church-requested … Continue reading

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happiest of thanksgivings

I wanted to sit down and write a nice, long note.  I wanted to do this for the past few days, with so many ideas and new bits of happenings to share.  I’ve sat in my comfy chair all day, … Continue reading

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one good wind

Suddenly, (and it was just over night) and we’ve got bare trees in the neighborhood. Completely denuded, and leaving me feeling just a little taken aback, just a little bereft. Too soon! Oh, for heavens sake, we were just enjoying … Continue reading

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