happiest of thanksgivings

I wanted to sit down and write a nice, long note.  I wanted to do this for the past few days, with so many ideas and new bits of happenings to share.  I’ve sat in my comfy chair all day, watching Season One, Two, Three and Four of The Muppet Show, and now I’m drawing a blank!  Do singing and dancing Muppets act as a brain suck?  (Not that I’m complaining.  Love the Muppets.)

I’ve been knitting in that comfy chair all day, and not feeling one pinch of guilt.  There is nothing that can be done outside, what with the rain pattering down and all.  Yesterday, I’ll admit to flashes of panic about the state of the garden allotment, but Chadd and I got going with the shovel, digging fork and trusty gardening gloves, and got that task completed within a couple of hours.  He did all the hard digging work, and I carried armload after armload of garden waste into the bush.  We also took off the very last bits of veg, which was a very little bit of turnips, kale, and beets.  The hard frosts of the last week meant that the tomatoes were mostly frozen.  We also dug out what we could of the horseradish, and delivered it to Chadd’s brother-in-law that same day.  The garden looks like it could do with a good raking over, but that will have to wait now until it dries out again, as will all the pots in the back yard.  I can’t believe the season is over.  There is something desperately unfair about the end of summer this year.  Too soon, and too fast!  But there is always the hope that it will be a beautiful, warm October; just enough sunny days to get the last of all the outdoor chores done.

The schedule for the weekends is definitely showing that upswing in activity that always happens around now.  A couple of weekends ago, it was the Basset Walk, then the Fall Supper at church, and this weekend was Thanksgiving.  Next weekend is a fundraiser for the church, optimistically called a “turkey shoot.”  The weekend after is the Viking Feast (Saturday) and (Sunday) brunch, hosted by the kids folk dance group. 

See?  (And that’s Elena in the handknit blue Icelandic vest/sweater!)

(That last shot is of Hart and his brother, Buster.  Just goes to show, although brothers and bassets, not difficult to tell them apart!)

There’s been much house planning and house talk this weekend, too.  The holiday dinners that are hosted in someone’s house always do that to us, and starts us thinking about all things entertaining and family and functional open space and kitchen related.  There has also been much debate and discussion about facades, floor plans and house size, as well as building materials, bricks and mortar.  Highly, highly enlightening (although I wouldn’t use the word exciting just yet).  And it’s always reassuring to realize at the end of the day, that yes, we do make a good team!

Also blog worthy and in no particular order:  Chadd still has not succumbed to the cold that has attacked all the rest of us.  Which is nothing short of miraculous.  (Knock on wood.)  Sonja got the bottom 1/4 of her hair dyed hot pink.  (Fabulously cool and cost me an amount that I’d rather not reveal!)  Chadd’s new partner is crime is Siri.  (I find her only moderately helpful.)  I finished my red sweater in time to wear it to Thanksgiving.  (It was a rather underwhelming moment, as it seemed that no one noticed.)  A lot of my friends posted a Happy Thanksgiving message on Facebook, listing things they were thankful for. (I loved that most of them included Canada in the list!)  The task assigned to me at work on Thursday was to pull all the Christmas storage bins out from under the stairs.  I cleaned the outside of the bins with bleach and swept up under the stairs.  (And then, two eager mice jumped out at me from one of the bins!)  The dog seems better, but not 100%.  (The vet has, however, ruled out some of the nastier diagnoses.)  I learned the daisy stitch this weekend, using a lovely German wool that I got half-price.  It’s going to be one of those slouchy tams for Elena.  And I caught the error in the pattern just in time!  (I have yet to complete any of those mittens that I am supposed to be knitting for the church…but in my defence, I didn’t actually volunteer to knit the mitts.  You know that saying about having “greatness thrust upon them”…well, in this case, yarn.  And I’d say “bring it on” but again in my defence, I’d say “acrylic yarn.”  Perhaps enough said.  It’s for a good cause.  I’m being a jerk.) 

Oh, dear.  Do you think I can end on a good note?  Right, a basset picture to the rescue!  Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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5 Responses to happiest of thanksgivings

  1. Olallieberry says:

    I missed this post… Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Also, I’m really liking that vest/sweater!

  2. planetcoops says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Well done on getting the allotment clear. And I’m not looking forward to finding out how much hairdressers charge once my girls decide mum’s haircuts just don’t make the grade!

    • Laura says:

      It’s amazing how much faster a task can go when there is two people working at it! I was so stressing about it, but with Chadd doing all the digging and pulling…it was just good!

  3. Francesca says:

    First of all, happy thanksgiving! Second, I’m envious of your horseradish – it’s a weed in the north of this country, but not one I’ve ever seen here, and I understand it takes some years for the root part to grow to a good harvesting size. Third, I saw this week some tutorial for DIY pink hair ends – worth searching for?

    • Laura says:

      Apparently Kool-Aid is supposed to dye hair; my daughter knew this, but neglected to tell me!

      The horseradish had been there for 3 years, and the leafy part was almost up to my hip! I’ve now been informed that I’ll “never” be able to get the horseradish OUT of the garden!

      Live and learn :0)

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