There are a few things on my to-do list that are over due, but I crossed through three today. The other three tasks I have set myself today include bathroom, backyard, and knitting at least one more of those church-requested mitts.

One of the three things that got crossed off was oiling the teak table. This had not been done last year, and the table just soaked up the oil like a thirsty basset hound. This task has to be done on a nice, cool, breezy day, as the teak oil is very strong, and all available windows must be open! I love my teak dining room set, but as a kitchen table, it does take a beating. Over the years, I’ve oiled all sorts of accidents out of that table, including permanent marker and nail polish.

I love oiling that table top, it’s a connection to things I’ve inherited, things that would not necessarily be a part of me. I love taking a moment, every now and then, to realize the components of my life so far, and say a quiet thanks to all those objects and memories I love that are now an imbedded part of “me”, and a quiet blessing to those who have been a part of making that “mine.”

I love how traditions create an inheritance of good memories, and objects curated and cared for to create that pull of tradition in our lives. I guess it’s a bit of a circle, or a chain; and yes, I love even the sloppy, drooly tradition of the thirsty basset hound!


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2 Responses to inheritance

  1. Francesca says:

    Nice words – I’ll translate them to my older sister: she inherited by grandmother’s teak table! :)

  2. Olallieberry says:

    Contemplating, remembering, reflecting. True rewards gained in the “doing” of a task rather than in the “done” of it.

    Janine x

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