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food theme

Because that seems to be all I can think about lately: how much food I can get into the blessed hound (and driving myself batty in the process)…so I am pleased to report that the dog seems to be tolerating … Continue reading

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ya do what ya gotta do

So, here it is, photographic evidence of the dog giving me the evil eye as I cram ground beef and rice into alternating jowls. He has to be blocked from behind by my accommodating little miss, and I scoop and … Continue reading

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please do

For a blog post that put a smile on my face, please visit Annie at Knitsofacto and have a good read. Interesting from a blogger’s point of view, and very well said. Just finished eating the last of the candied … Continue reading

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yes ma’am, we’re working on it

We are.  It really feels like being in the middle of something and nothing, you know?  It feels like being on call all the time, but having the energy to do absolutlely nothing while not doing.  I’m not the type … Continue reading

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s’wonderful, s’loverly

As birthdays go, it was exactly that. Completely lovely, with family, friends and thoughtful gifts that I love, love, love. And today, I was able to get the dog to eat almost a cup of ground beef and rice, and … Continue reading

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corner view ~ spirituality

Meet the owl. Otherwise known as the little prayer owl that sits on my bedside table. He just fits in my hand, as a small weight and a “grounding” if you will, during prayer. Spirituality is a deep, vital part … Continue reading

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i suppose i should say something

  Not that there is anything much wrong, I mean really.  Everything that has decided to fall on my head this past week has either been fixed or seems to be on the mend.  To keep it short:  I had … Continue reading

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