it’s been a little grayish

So it feels like a month without sun, more or less, and what surprises me is how philosophical I am about it at this point. I’m not sure what I’ll do when the sun does show up, because for now, it just feels like we’re living in the “land of the midnight sun” and it is just laying low for now.

In the meantime, perhaps because of the gloom, we’re already thinking ahead to Christmas. Elena put jingle bells on the front door already, and was mentioning the Advent candles last night. Chadd gave me the most beautiful Georg Jensen silver Advent candle ring last year, and I’m barely containing the anticipation of lighting the first candle!

And what about those Christmas presents? When I find something I like, I just want to give it to everyone, and this year my absolute favourite gift item is a small sheepskin rug. I use one on my knitting chair, and I just love it. I can only imagine being 5 years old, and lying down on one to read a book, or snuggling my feet on the rug while watching a good show.

I know, I know, it’s too early! We have to get past my birthday first! And just look at what this beautiful girl has been doing…

…”happy birthday” will be sung with musical accompaniment!

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1 Response to it’s been a little grayish

  1. planetcoops says:

    Not too early at all! I’ve been trying to think about a different advent calendar this year, and I think I might be too late.
    How lovely to have a musician on call!

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