i suppose i should say something


Not that there is anything much wrong, I mean really.  Everything that has decided to fall on my head this past week has either been fixed or seems to be on the mend.  To keep it short:  I had a test result come back with questionable results…turns out the test wasn’t done properly.  The dog has been sick…but the diagnoses of blastomycosis (at this point) is a full recovery, albeit an expensive one.  I backed into a large, black truck in a parking lot on Friday…but our insurance policy is “no fault,” and the damage was minimal and no one got hurt. 

And then there was my Saturday horoscope, which I rarely read, but which said that it had been a trying week and I was still waiting for the other shoe to drop! 

So that is sort of where I’m at, because the dog’s meds are at least for another two months, with follow-up check-ups and x-rays.  I have to call the insurance company to find out if the other driver put in the claim, and what the damage costs were.  And I have to take it all in stride, because even if the preferred coping mechanism is to block out the world while searching patterns on Ravelry, no one gets fed that way. 

(I’m not entirely kidding, but thankfully I’m not that far gone.  I’ve actually been knitting, too.)  I’ve also been trying to distract myself with house cleaning (gasp!) and Christmas gift planning.  Brainstorming while knitting is just as therapeutic as brainstorming while cleaning.  Go figure. 

Now if everyone just wanted hand-knit Christmas presents, I would be so zen…or I’d have planned the perfect Christmas with an immaculately clean house.  One or the other.

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1 Response to i suppose i should say something

  1. knitsofacto says:

    That your alarms were false ones and your problems fixable doesn’t make the time you’ve had any easier. I hope your road has been smoother these last few days x

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