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the lastest day

It’s a gift; like the last gift of 2012, and boy oh boy…this one should not have been as challenging as it was. I couldn’t figure out if I was just stupid, or the pattern had it in for me. … Continue reading

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during an evening skate

It would seem that this was a lovely Saturday for this couple. (And best wishes for much happiness!)

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sauerkraut soup

After the distraction-friendly holiday season, reality seems to be hitting quite hard these last few days. Perhaps it’s because the holidays were so good, and now we are into the quiet stretch leading into New Years (the quiet stretch that … Continue reading

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the morning of the 24th

I came downstairs yesterday in the dim light of no so early morning, and lit the beeswax candles I had made (inadvertently) on solstice. It was the most perfect grayish light for the candle glow. This morning, I slept in … Continue reading

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a measure of worth

Yesterday, I asked Elena if her teachers had liked the Christmas gift, and she said yes.  (The little gingerbread houses from the last post; adorable and amazing, right?)  She had also given another gift yesterday, a Slinky toy that had been … Continue reading

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baking and other doings

Last year, I was making a list and checking it twice. I was running out and around full of merry and cheer. This year, quiet, calm, and cookie town subdivisions are what’s going on. Our Annual Rempel Christmas Cookie Baking … Continue reading

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some photos from the snap-happy child

My kids will never know the value of film; back in the day when all you could hope for was that the photos you had taken would turn out, and not knowing for weeks if they had! I remember getting … Continue reading

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