time soon again


Tape.  I need tape.

There is only one present wrapped in this house, and it used up the last of the tape.  It is for a Secret Santa that Elena is participating in at school.  And it’s for a boy.  We chose a very awesome gift:  a crank flashlight!  Who doesn’t need a pocket size crank flashlight?  But I think that also gives you some indication on how much tape we had in the house…and how not prepared I am for Christmas this year.  We are even using up (unused) Christmas cards from years past for our greetings, because although I love the look of beautiful new cards each year, at this point I am just grateful that it was not a family photocard year. 

Ahhh, enough already, right?  There is enough hope and peace to smooth over the broken bits at this time of year.  And what is being attended to as the wonky bits are just as is.  Wonky bits and more coming.

Did I mention that the tree is here?  No…I just checked.  Almost shameful, really.  The tree is the highlight of the Christmas prep for me, and it was up and decorated by the 3rd.  A little askew and a little wonky, but (ahem) perfect for this year, nontheless.  The living room was also rearranged and prettied.  More light for knitting, and definitely tidier decorations.  The girls are missing none of the usual bling.  In fact, the box of Christmas decorations didn’t even make it out of the basement (but the Danish Christmas plates are out on display.)

Next up on the agenda is Christmas shopping, tomorrow; the man and me, together.  The list is made.  We are organized and itemized.  And I’m never organized, so that is something.  I’m hoping to take care of a huge portion of it, and remember to buy tape!

Tomorrow, though, tomorrow…there is another item on the agenda that just might feed my soul.  I’ve got plans with a 15 pound chunk of beeswax that needs, no…NEEDS to be made into candles to satisfy my craving for light right now.  I’m very much looking forward to that.

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3 Responses to time soon again

  1. knitsofacto says:

    I think I’m finally learning that the key to Christmas really is more haste less speed. When I slow down and don’t let myself panic about getting it all done I seem to still achieve all that I need too!

    I’m planning a candle making session for the New Year, I won’t have time sooner. Have fun with yours :D

  2. planetcoops says:

    As long as you don’t go out saying ‘Remember the tape, remember the tape,’ and still don’t get any (seriously, I’ve done that before!).
    Love the idea of making candles! Must put some wax on my wish list.

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