baking and other doings

Last year, I was making a list and checking it twice. I was running out and around full of merry and cheer. This year, quiet, calm, and cookie town subdivisions are what’s going on.


Our Annual Rempel Christmas Cookie Baking Day went off without a hitch, which resulted in adorable teacher gifts completed, as well as gingerbread hearts, mittens, candy canes and the obligatory pig.


We’ve also been in attendance at other Christmas awesomeness, like the school “Winter” concert which finally showcased a festive collection of holiday music. Our school had the odd concert tradition of trying to play holiday songs from countries that did not celebrate a Christmas holiday season. I am all for political correctness, but if it’s the holiday season, give me holiday songs and I’ll let you throw in the African drums just for fun. It was the best concert ever, and it only took the school ten years to catch on to the fact that “Frosty le bonhomme” can still be included in a holiday/winter/Christmas concert!

Also happily attended was the Sankta Lucia pageant; beautiful as always with the songs and the candles. The city newspaper photographer was there this year, and the girls got a close-up in the paper. And, of course, can’t forget to mention the Sunday School Christmas concert! Sonja loved her role as “stage manager” which meant that she got to hold up the signs for audience participation (Applause! Boo! Wild Cheering!) and say not a word! Elena was news anchor/radio announcer, and a very good time was had by all.

The last of the work-related parties was last night, so now there is just a few more presents to pick up, and four more (of six) touques to knit as exchange gifts for Elena’s friends. The last day of school is Friday…thank goodness for bulky yarn!

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