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Yesterday wasn’t quite doing it for me. I was blaming it on the fact that I’m not fond of painting, but as I tried to distract myself with some knitting after supper, I realized that we were now at the … Continue reading

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almost at the second coat

We brought these gorgeous art posters home with us as a souvenir of our trip to Quebec, but we haven’t unrolled them, much less mounted them. We lost track of our favourite art framer when the building he was in … Continue reading

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prairie phenomenon

The “sun dogs” came out to play today!

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happiness is an Icelandic sweater

I love it! (I also love Instagram for the blurry edges!) The pattern is from Lopi 28 knitting book. I can’t tell you how much I like knitting the colourwork portion of Icelandic sweaters. The stitch repeat on each row … Continue reading

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I did it before, I’d do it again

Today, I had to drop the Jeep off at the auto glass shop for a windshield replacement. Simple enough, and since the place is about 4 kilometers from the house, I thought I’d walk back. I’d done it before, in … Continue reading

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did she just fall off her chair?

I’m eager to begin a scarf with the wool from those Québécois alpaca in the photo. The wool has the best wooly smell, and the pattern is sweet. I’m almost half way through my second gold and rust mitt, and … Continue reading

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just loaded a taper

And this photo has nothing to do with taper candles, but in terms of fond memories, it’s right up there. The inner farm girl in me is screaming, “I love that they designed a cow sign! And look! There’s the … Continue reading

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