the happy and the good

It’s starting to come back, folks. The ease and comfort of a plain old good day. The ability to knit without a box of tissues in my lap. The energy of planning and looking forward.


It feels like it has been a long time coming, this reprieve from sadness. Epiphany Sunday, a month and a week, and many good friends who have given great comfort. That grief part, well, I described it to a friend as, “just missing a huge part of what used to be a part of my life.” With those words, it was almost like I had taken a step forward. The best part, though, was that she understood, better than I did in the moment. It’s still a process, but it does feel like the ease and comfort is coming back.


And I do have so much that I’ve missed mentioning here, things big and little, but all in good time.


Yes, it is all good.

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One Response to the happy and the good

  1. knitsofacto says:

    Happy for you that you are finding a way forwards x

    That ice fishing looked like fun :D

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