the light was better out there

Should I be as excited as I am? Look what we made!


How great is that? I am so impressed with how well that candle turned out, I decided to photograph it outside. I took one picture, and then the camera told me the memory card was full. I scrolled back and by the time I had deleted two pictures, I was starting to lose feeling in my fingers. That’s what you get for throwing on a sweatshirt and running outside in -24*C with a 28 km/hour north wind! A good photo, but you can’t tell if you’re pressing the shutter button!

We made the candle last night, my little persistent helper and I, with a crowbar and a hammer to crack the wax off the brick that is sitting in the basement. It’s a big hunk of dirty wax, so we melted what we had managed to chunk off, and then strained it through cheesecloth into the top of the double boiler. It worked really well, but this wax definitely has a stronger, almost burnt caramel smell to it while being melted. I was glad we made it right before bed, because the “wait for it to cool” would have been excruciating! It was very, very exciting to pull the mold off this morning, and see the nicely formed candle.

I am trying a plain pillar again, with an unwaxed wick, which I am hoping will be successful. I had always pre-waxed the wick, because of air bubbles in the wick. This time, though, I have a better system for centering the wick (two big bobby pins) and a thicker wick. Chadd also bought a mold for taper candles, which I can’t wait to try.

This is going to be quite the process, I am sure. Already most of my kitchen has been taken over by cooling candles, candle supplies, and hot wax as we pour the second batch. And a third batch tonight!

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One Response to the light was better out there

  1. planetcoops says:

    What a gorgeous result!

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