just loaded a taper


And this photo has nothing to do with taper candles, but in terms of fond memories, it’s right up there. The inner farm girl in me is screaming, “I love that they designed a cow sign! And look! There’s the cows!!!” It was a good moment.

We’ve suffered a small set back with the taper candles. I can’t seem to get all 10 inches of the wick to stay centered. Evidently, the clothes pin idea has to get reworked; but that just means that the first two attempts are mine. Romantic dinner, anyone?!?

I’m back to working on a pair of mitts that I put aside almost a year ago. They jumped back in my head this morning, and I had a crazy compulsion to work on those gold and rust coloured mitts that had been pushed to the back of the queue. Their sudden popularity was explained when it dawned on me that the gold in the mitts is the same as the beeswax. Funny what a positive association can do; I’m remembering how much I liked them in the beginning.

Off to melt more wax now…and knit while it’s cooling…I might just have quite the thing going here!

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