almost at the second coat


We brought these gorgeous art posters home with us as a souvenir of our trip to Quebec, but we haven’t unrolled them, much less mounted them. We lost track of our favourite art framer when the building he was in got an upgraded renovation. My guess is that he couldn’t justify the rent anymore. Hoping to track him down; hoping he’s still in business.

That’s just one of the things I’ve got lined up for February; the other is putting some fresh paint on a few areas in the house. Sonja’s room is ready for the second coat of white…silky white, which is a departure from the spring green. The stenciled butterflies got painted over, and (happily) I’m not such a bad hand at patching holes. She, apparently, is not as averse to painting as I am, and continued alone with good progress while I made supper. I almost felt like I had been cloned!

Tomorrow, the second coat and trim touch-ups. One room down…

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1 Response to almost at the second coat

  1. Francesca says:

    i don’t mind painting at all, but when someone does it for me i love it even more! :)

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