Yesterday wasn’t quite doing it for me. I was blaming it on the fact that I’m not fond of painting, but as I tried to distract myself with some knitting after supper, I realized that we were now at the two month mark. I’m not one for dates, but I suppose the heart knows.

We are back to the deep-freeze today, and I was wincing as I realized that Sonja would be walking to school in what felt like -39°C. She was wearing my warm winter parka, but I saw (as she was closing the gate) that she only had the thin wool mitts that had been left in the pockets. I scrambled through the closet, and then charged out of the house after her, waving her other mitts. What I didn’t realize was how slippery the combination of snow and moccasins would be; and I made her laugh as I skidded after her, arms windmilling, and feet off in every direction! I am pretty sure that only sheer will-power kept me upright, because I repeated the process trying to get back into the house. Braving a face-plant in the snow for my kids…that’s me!

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1 Response to undefinable

  1. knitsofacto says:

    Goodness, I do hope you continue to stay upright! Lovely pic :D And yes, the heart knows x

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