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the light was better out there

Should I be as excited as I am? Look what we made! How great is that? I am so impressed with how well that candle turned out, I decided to photograph it outside. I took one picture, and then the … Continue reading

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today is a day of errands

And I’m trying to gear myself up for it. You see, there was an incident not long after the dog died, which involved me, accelerating on a bridge and then fish-tailing my way across two lanes of traffic. It ended … Continue reading

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the happy and the good

It’s starting to come back, folks. The ease and comfort of a plain old good day. The ability to knit without a box of tissues in my lap. The energy of planning and looking forward. It feels like it has … Continue reading

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fishing on the river

We tried something new this time at Grandpa’s. Cold but fun, in the middle of the river. Elena had asked to go ice fishing, and Grandpa made it happen. He drilled a couple extra holes for her, rigged a line … Continue reading

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