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just keep going at it

Some people like beach holidays. Not our family. Gotta be on the go every day, all day. See more, do more; that’s just the way we like it. Our vacations are planned well in advance, and one of the things … Continue reading

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zone 3

I was at a trade show and conference this week. The seminars discussed issues of plants on the prairies, the hybridization of the maple for red fall colour, and new cultivars for zone 3 planting. The best seminar, for me, … Continue reading

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creative differences

My husband supports my knitting hobby. In fact, he supports my hobby so much that I found wool, and a large mens sock pattern in my stocking for Christmas. But…see all the pretty knitting in the picture? That is what … Continue reading

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candles in the snow

How handy is that, having snow to stand candles up in?!? The count at the moment is ten bee hive pillars and fourteen tapers, being stockpiled for Elena’s “Penny Power” fundraiser. Seven dollars for the pillar, and five dollars for … Continue reading

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why are they tempting me with thoughts of spring?

I got our allotment renewal notice in the mail today. The ticket office of the local baseball team called this morning, wondering why I hadn’t bought our season tickets yet. But the snow drifts on both sides of the front … Continue reading

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