candles in the snow


How handy is that, having snow to stand candles up in?!?

The count at the moment is ten bee hive pillars and fourteen tapers, being stockpiled for Elena’s “Penny Power” fundraiser. Seven dollars for the pillar, and five dollars for a set of two tapers; and I have to say that they are absolutely wonderful. An added bonus (much like baking) is that you get to test a few in the interests of quality control.

Making candles is so easy, (and smells so good!) that we’ll be purchasing some more wax, but from the honey co-op instead. It turns out that this batch of wax is brood wax, which has a stronger smell, but also a darker colour. It’s also full of bits of grit that have to be filtered out before it can be used for the candles. It’s fine for candles, but if I want to make some skin cream, I will need a better grade of wax.

To tell you how much I’m enjoying this, though, I’d almost have to wax poetic! (Oh, dear.)

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2 Responses to candles in the snow

  1. Francesca says:

    different grades of wax? i didn’t know that! I just got a block of regular wax to make skin cream (I’ll have to grate it) …

  2. knitsofacto says:

    I can smell that rich honeyed waxy smell from here! They look lovely :)

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