creative differences


My husband supports my knitting hobby. In fact, he supports my hobby so much that I found wool, and a large mens sock pattern in my stocking for Christmas. But…see all the pretty knitting in the picture? That is what I am actually working on at the moment.

The mitts are a long-suffering, languishing-on-the-needles project that I have vowed will be finished by the end of February. (Poor mitts…husband doesn’t like you, because you are competition for his socks.)

The scarf is a recent cast-on, from that scrumptious alpaca that we bought in Québec, and I finally found the perfect pattern for. Couldn’t resist casting on! (Poor scarf…turns out, you are competition, too!)

The coffee cozies are a small knitting project to sell with the candles for Elena’s Penny Power project. (Husband doesn’t think very highly of these either…wonder why?)

And the little bird?


Oh, look! Turns out he loves husband’s yarn-to-be-turned-into-socks! He sure looks happy, all snuggled in his new nest! Oh, no!

Who will get their way?

Bird or husband?

Be sure to tune in next week and see if the mitts are done, progress made on the scarf, and the bird de-nested! *Cue sound effects…da, da, Daaaaaa!*

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3 Responses to creative differences

  1. knitsofacto says:

    This made me smile :) And I do like the look of those mitts :D

  2. planetcoops says:

    Those mittens have to be done! I’ve been so looking forward to seeing them.

  3. Francesca says:

    maybe you need to find a new, more enticing sock pattern for hub? :)

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