zone 3

I was at a trade show and conference this week. The seminars discussed issues of plants on the prairies, the hybridization of the maple for red fall colour, and new cultivars for zone 3 planting. The best seminar, for me, was the one that detailed pests and fungus in Manitoba.


This photo from old Québec is a perfect example of what I can’t grow. I have no idea of even what this plant is, but I love it. It’s like some gorgeous green octopus! The cannas and begonias are annuals in my planting zone, so it has me wondering if that crazy plant is an annual, too. Sometimes, it’s sad reminder of our limitations, plant-wise; I once had a customer sneer, “Just what can you grow here?” whereas another customer who had moved in from farther north was ecstatic at the huge range of plant possibilities that had opened up to her.

It’s all about perspective, I guess. Grapes and hydrangeas and roses…tulips and lilies…I know I’ve still got three months to wait, but I’ve got a lot to look forward to.

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