with great, full thanks

We’ve been super duper busy with the candle making all month. And by super duper, I mean that we make one pillar and one taper candle in the morning, and one at night. It takes about 30-45 minutes for the wax to reach 150°, and then another 10 minutes or so to pour the candle. Did I tell you that I’ve rigged a clothes pin to the cupboard door with sock yarn? And that it works like magic to keep the wick centered while the candle is cooling? I feel like a genius! An inventor! And I don’t have to stand there holding the wick, trying to keep my hand perfectly still while waiting for the candle to set…it’s nothing short of amazing! (I know, I know…but keep in mind I’ve been doing this for a month now.)

The support for Elena’s fundraiser has been amazing. We have almost finished up the 15 pound brick of wax, and we still have one more “sales event” coming up, this time at the Scandinavian Centre. Mommy and Daddy are going to have to comp her some more wax, because we just finished filling the candle orders from the nice folks at our church. Thank goodness we wrap up the fundraising by Easter. I wouldn’t mind making a few candles just for me!


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2 Responses to with great, full thanks

  1. Ruth says:

    That candle is adorable!

  2. knitsofacto says:

    I swear I can smell the hot wax from here!

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