mittens in March

February is usually the month that flies by, and then I face March, wondering where the time went, and why all my glorious plans have not been accomplished. But this time it was different, oh yes; this time I was smart and confided my plans to accountable people, so that at the end of February, I had to have something to show for it!


They are done, these mitts that I started over a year ago, and they are fabulous! An interesting result of knitting two mittens within a drastically different time frame meant that one did turn out substantially larger than his companion, but I solved that problem by felting them both. I half-filled the sink with as hot water as I could stand, added a squirt of dish soap, then with my hands in the mitts, rubbed them together until it seemed like they fit. A rinse with cool water, and they dried over night.

And since it is snowing as we speak, I’ll get to enjoy them for a little while yet!

(Edited to add ~~ It is sadly obvious that the braid is not the same on both mitts. I didn’t knit the braid tightly enough on the first mitt, but because they are for me, I don’t mind. The pretty braid goes on the right hand! ~~)

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2 Responses to mittens in March

  1. Francesca says:

    you make felting sound really easy! i tried a few times in the washing machine, but either my water setting isn’t hot enough, or the cycle not long enough, and I haven’t had much luck. I’m happy to learn that for small projects, all one needs is a sink and dish soap!
    Your mitts do look fabulous, well done for finishing them!

  2. planetcoops says:

    Gorgeous! I’m so glad they turned out well. They really do look great.

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