I’m making myself a cup of tea, and trying to convince Elena that she has to go to bed, even though she is telling me that before the time change, right now would still be not quite nine o’clock.

I’m feeling stupidly exhausted anyway. I ignored most of the clocks for the weekend, just putting my bedside clock to the proper time on Sunday night. The morning was fine, as was most of the afternoon. It wasn’t until 6:30 in the evening, with supper made and getting ready to take Elena to baseball practice, that Chadd pointed out that it was only 5:30. Chadd and I had both adjusted the time on the stove clock, which meant that I had been operating an extra hour ahead all day.

Today was the last, big candle making push, and this week marks the shut down of the candle factory. I have two more tapers to make, and then there will not be any more making unless I feel like it. It has been lovely fun and I now consider myself to be quite proficient with beeswax, wick and molds, learning curve though it was. It was also pretty nice to be constantly surrounded by the scent of melted wax!

Right…wax, wax, wax, wax…wax! Soon, it’ll be nothing but house, house, house, house…house…still with me? And speaking of the house…

There has been more behind the scenes house planning going on this week and last. I can’t, at this point, even realize that this plan will begin to be a reality very soon. We are still tweaking, it seems. The concept of “trim-less windows” is something I have now dutifully considered. And just this morning, we were looking at options for the countertop on the kitchen island. So, I’m beginning to quote the bible more and more, “Thy will be done…” while whispering under my breath, “Only if it’s in the budget…” We should have the blueprints in our hot little hands sometime this week or next…

And so it begins!

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5 Responses to 9:46

  1. Francesca says:

    we change the clocks next week, and I can’t wait to have our days longer!

  2. rusty duck says:

    Ooooh, good luck indeed! When does it all start?

  3. knitsofacto says:

    Couple of weeks yet before the clocks change here. Good luck with the house :)

  4. planetcoops says:

    How exciting. I love house planning! Does trim-less mean just the plaster finish round the window and no wooden sill?

    • Laura says:

      Exactly. And since 2×6 construction is standard here, the windows look a bit inset, and you can hang the blinds inside the frame. Sometimes, there is just a small piece of trim put at the bottom to make it look like a ledge.

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