worth the wait

It’s been two years, people.  Two years in April since we bought the property to build our house, and we are finally going to see the blue prints next week.  We waited out those two years because of catchment issues with the school division; we waited to have the timing just right to be able to move into our new house after October 1st, just so she could start her grade 8 year in the school, and not be forced to transfer out. 

Well, the story has a happy ending, because I was at a meeting at the school on Wednesday.  A meeting for something else entirely, but I just happened to be talking with a group of parents and the new principal at the end of the evening, and when asked, took the opportunity to tell our house story. 

The principal listed very closely without saying a word.  He then asked if we had any more children in the school.  I replied that she was our last.  His next words?


“Build now,” he said.  “I am amazed that you would do that for your daughter.  She will get to stay for her grade 8 year.  Guaranteed.”

It turns out that as of November, the school division changed the policies, and the principal of each school is now responsible for determining which students stay at the school, and which have to register in their assigned catchment.  He was shocked that a family would postpone a house build, just so the child could stay in the same school with her teachers and her friends.  He understood the sense of community and “family” that is fostered in a well run school; as do we.  Which is why we chose not to move.  This principal is now able to guarantee that, no matter when we move in, no matter when we sell, she is in her school for grade 8.  Done.

And that’s my happy ending…or should I say…beginning?!?

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One Response to worth the wait

  1. Francesca says:

    it’s a happy beginning! :)

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