wrap it up already, March

I am really done with March, but then, so is everyone else. Not to say that it hasn’t been full of lovely moments, celebrations and milestones. I’m happy with March. It’s been monumental in it’s own way. We have…
…made so many candles that Elena was able to donate $622.00 to Penny Power. It would have been more, except we shut down production because we ran out of wax (for the second time!)
…celebrated a birthday with many friends in a tiny house that was bursting at the seams. It was lovely.
…listened to many, many hours of flute practice in anticipation of a performance. I’ll take the flute over the tuba any day.
…been invited out to a much anticipated, home cooked, Finnish meal at our friends’ house. We also got an invitation to use their sauna.
…baked. Mandelbrød is now a favourite.
…sent Elena off to a birthday party that involved sliding down a snow covered hill. We were still happy to have snow for that birthday girl!
…gone shopping for lovely new outfits for Easter, on the trendiest street in the city. Mine is pale robin’s egg blue with black trim.
…went for our first run of the season in the park. Saw our first signs of spring with the return of Canada geese and pussy willows.
…knit. Well, I knit. And I will be done the scarf, yes I will, by the end of March, because that is what I promised. Just a few more inches!

So really, I am almost done with March…

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