we haven’t eaten at the table in weeks


Still plugging away, answering emails and phone calls and trying to keep all the trades organized. Lists, lists, diagrams, photos and lists; and a snowstorm of paper to go with it! Waiting on quotes, and very happy for the ones that are coming in.

That’s it in a nutshell, really. The hoops are all being jumped; the building permit has been applied for, and the outstanding land drainage and traffic improvements tax also paid. If we get the permit in less than a month (please!) and land titles gets processed in the two weeks (so I’m told) we should have everything in place for the second week of May.

We have a contractor who is eager to do the basement, I have a quote from the excavator, one from the guy who drills the piles and we have received one framing quote. We have a roofing quote, and we have ordered and put a deposit on the exterior doors. As soon as we are approved for the mortgage, the windows and trusses will get ordered.

And then, I’m gonna get a bottle of hair dye, and cover up all these new grays.

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2 Responses to we haven’t eaten at the table in weeks

  1. planetcoops says:

    Good luck! It sounds like you’re progressing well!

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